Blow-outs, Specials & Scratch-N-Dent

Visit our Blow-outs, Specials & Scratch-N-Dent section for added value and $avings

Blowouts: Older generation inventory, discontinued products, excess inventory, prototypes, and limited edition items. These products will typically be A-stock items. All items will come with all the needed hardware and parts.

Specials: Limited-time offers, or exclusive package deals. Items may include B-stock items which will be noted in the description.

Scratch-N-Dent: Also referred to as B-stock items are any products that have a minor cosmetic flaw that would prevent the item from being sold as new/A-stock. Scratch-N-Dent items will function as NEW. These are NOT defective items, they just have minor cosmetic flaws.

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