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If you want to stretch your hard-earned dollar as far as possible, consider an "INFLATION FIGHTER" Monster-Max Scoop Coater!

"INFLATION FIGHTER" Monster-Max Scoop Coaters are brand new, authentic made in USA products that have a minor imperfection such as a small scratch or blemish or some other minor imperfection. Most imperfections are caught during the final quality control inspection before packaging.  Because we quality control during each step of the manufacturing process the flaws that make it all the way to the final inspection are usually very minor. - Get a fully functional item at a discount!

"INFLATION FIGHTER" Moster-Max Coaters are brand new and guaranteed to be 100% fully functional.  BOTH coating edges are flawless. These are NOT defective products!

The endcaps receive the exact same processes as A-stock items but will have a small, insignificant scratch or blemish.


NOTE: Supply is limited on the Scratch-n-Dent scoop coaters. Not all sizes are available.

Items included:

1 - Scratch-n-Dent extruded aluminum coater with 6 preinstalled screws

1 - set of Scratch-n-Dent stainless steel Quick-Start end caps

1 - instruction sheet

 ** Each MMC is packaged in a custom-made cardboard box. **


Information about MMC:

MONSTER-MAX-2 SCOOP COATER: Our new and improved Monster-Max-2 Scoop Coater and 3rd generation “Quick-Start” stainless steel end-caps are the pinnacle in scoop coater technology. 

The MM2 is a dramatic improvement of our original design. The MM2 receives a proprietary anodizing process which provides added toughness to the coating edges and provides a silky smooth transfer of emulsion to your screen. 

Another new feature pioneered by Ink Innovations is two identical “semi-sharp” coating edges. If you dent one coating edge, you simply use the other side…it’s like getting two coaters for the price of one!

The MM2 aluminum extrusion is fully compatible with our earlier MMC end cap designs. The MM2 is available in a wide range of stock sizes and can be ordered in custom sizes.


Made in the USA by Ink Innovations