Mega Value Pack - $299

Mega Value Pack - $299

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The Mega Value Pack is 46 pounds of screen printing joy!

We crammed twenty-two (22) Ergo-Force squeegees along with as many of our most popular items that would fit, and are offering at a huge discount.

The list price for these items is over $700 however we are offering this Mega-Value-Pack for only $299

These limited editions SUPER-SAMPLER-SETS include a mix of Scratch-n-Dent items, early-generation blowout items, and A-stock items. All items will function as NEW.


What are Blowout items and Scratch-n-Dent items?

Blowout items: Older generation inventory, discontinued products, excess inventory, prototypes, and limited edition items. These products will typically be A-stock items. All items will come with all the needed hardware and parts.

Scratch-N-Dent: Also referred to as B-stock items are any products that have a minor cosmetic flaw that would prevent the item from being sold as new/A-stock. Scratch-N-Dent items will function as NEW. These are NOT defective items, they just have minor cosmetic flaws.


Items included:

8 - 14" Ergo-Force Squeegee handles (B-stock) - not shown in the photo.

8 - 6" Ergo-Force Squeegee handles (B-stock) - not shown in the photo.

2 - 8" Ergo-Force Squeegee handles (B-stock) - not shown in the photo.

2 - 12" Ergo-Force Squeegee handles (B-stock) - not shown in the photo.

2 - 16" Ergo-Force Squeegee handles (B-stock) - not shown in the photo.

1 - Quick-Flip Bracket (B-stock)

1 - 3.5" stainless steel pocket pallet for QF bracket (A-Stock)

1 - 16" Monster-Max Scoop Coater (B-stock) *substitute a 15" or 19" upon request*

2 - Quick-Start end caps for MM Scoop Coater (B-stock)

10 - Older Style Silver-Mixing-Sticks (A-stock- discontinued version)

50 - Hex Helpers for Old Style SMS (A-stock- discontinued version) 

1 - Silver-Mixing-Stick - NEW version (A-stock)

50 - Ultimate-Touch-Up-Tools (A-stock)

1 - 21" Catch Rod for Ergo-Force Squeegees (A-Stock item)

300 - Ultimate Clean-Up-Cards (A-stock)

1 - set of stainless steel Screen Hooks for Ergo-Force Squeegees (A-stock)

1 - Wall Mount Squeegee rack kit (B-stock item)

1 - 6"  Squeegee Prop-Up (A-stock) Super cool New item for 2023

102 - Screws for Ergo-Force Squeegees

102 - Nuts for Ergo-Force Squeegees

 PLEASE NOTE: The photo does not show the 22 Ergo-Force Squeegees but they will be included (the sizes and quantities of Ergo-Force Squeegees are listed above )



Made in the USA by Ink Innovations