Table Top Squeegee Rack (holds 12 squeegees)

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Ultimate Table-Top Squeegee-Rack by Ink Innovations

Our innovative Table-Top squeegee rack is the industry’s first modular, fully adjustable squeegee rack. The openings in the rack can be quickly adjusted with a Phillips head screwdriver to accommodate different sizes and shapes of squeegees. The rack can hold up to 12 squeegees (the rack pictured in the photos is configured for eleven squeegees but the item will include hardware for twelve openings).

There are four pre-installed rubber-covered pedestals on the bottom which elevate the squeegee rack so that you may comfortably reach under and pick up the rack with squeegees to relocate it without disturbing the squeegees. The rubber-covered pedestals also prevent the rack from sliding. 

If you have been looking for a way to safely store all of the various squeegees in your shop, look no further than the Ultimate-Squeegee-Rack by Ink Innovations.  

Our Table-Top rack also makes a great scoop coater drying rack!


Items included with the kit:

1 - 23” Anodize aluminum Ultimate-Squeegee-Rack

26- long screws (pegs)

26 - nuts

26 - Blue PVC covers 

1-  Set of instructions for squeegees (not shown)

1 - die-cut measuring tool – Used to quickly and accurately set your rack up with even spacing for 10, 11, or 12 slots without using a ruler. 


View the color brochure here:

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Made in the USA by Ink Innovations.