Stainless Steel Screen-Hooks (for Ergo-Force squeegee)

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Screen-Hooks for Ergo-Force Squeegees - Chose Plastic or Stainless Steel

Add more versatility to your Ergo-Force Squeegees with Screen-Hooks by Ink Innovations. 

Screen-Hooks do three things:

1) Allow your EF-Squeegee to hook to the top of the screen frame.

2) Prevent the handle from falling into the ink in your frame.

3) Allow your EF-Squeegee to be permanently stored with the blade up on any flat surface.

Screen-Hooks are similar in function to our T-rrific T-hooks however, screen hooks have been specially designed for Ergo-Force Squeegees.  Screen-Hooks are one of the most helpful devices on the market for manual screen printers.  Screen-Hooks will increase your production and SAVE your BACK by enabling your squeegees to "HOOK" conveniently to the top of your screen frame.

Screen Hooks will also allow your Ergo-Force to be safely stored (with the blade facing up) on any flat surface without the use of a squeegee rack. Now you can simply set your squeegee down on any nearby flat surface (a table, a shelf, the top of your dryer, the center of your press, etc.) and not waste valuable time walking across your shop to your squeegee rack. 

Here is how Screen Hooks will improve your production, increase your profits and save your back: When you rest your squeegee at the far end of the screen against the print head between prints, valuable time is wasted as you reach for your squeegee and again when you return your squeegee.   It requires you to "bend twice" (wasting valuable time) for every single imprint and for each color in the design; You bend once to pick up the squeegee and then bend again to return the squeegee. -- Screen Hooks allow you to conveniently store your squeegee at the top of the frame between prints. You are able to grab the squeegee while you lower the screen down and can have the squeegee in your hand ready to print even before the screen is all of the way down. When you raise the screen after the print stroke, you simply hook the squeegee to the top edge of the frame in a very natural, smooth ergonomic motion.  

The time savings really add up. --  EXAMPLE: If you save just 3 seconds per imprint, you would save 5 minutes on a 100-piece, one color, dark ink on white substrate job. How many dark-on-light shirts can you print in 5 extra minutes? ...probably a bunch. Also, because you will not be bending, you will use less energy (so your back will not be as sore). By exerting less energy, you will be more productive later in the day when normally you start to slow down due to fatigue. Screen-Hooks will usually pay for themselves in as little as one day! Then you keep on benefiting and profiting every day thereafter.

Here is a product that has the potential to make you extra money every day of the week, forever, by increasing your daily production. Screen-Hooks will save your back and could potentially add to your production every day!    

Our ingenious design provides three helpful features:

  1.  Screen-Hooks allow Ergo-Force squeegees to be permanently stored upright on any flat surface. Store your squeegee safely on any flat surface. Why waste your time walking halfway across your shop every time you need a squeegee? -- Keep your squeegees nearby and within easy reach!
  2. Screen-Hooks prevent the handle from falling into the ink. – How many times a day does your squeegee fall into the ink? The time savings from not having to stop to clean your entire squeegee handle will allow you to pay off your new T-hooks in no time. The reduction in aggravation alone makes them worth getting.
  3. Screen-Hooks allow an Ergo-Force squeegee to “hook” onto the top of the screen frame between prints. The time-saving is dramatic! Time savings can often allow you to pay for your Screen-Hooks in less than one day.  Additionally, because you do not need to bend and reach to pick up and then return your squeegee each time you print, you will save energy and reduce strain on your back!

Screen Hooks will "HOOK" to the top of wooden frames, aluminum frames, and roller frames. 

Screen Hooks can be removed from one squeegee, then installed onto another Ergo-Force squeegee in about 30 seconds with just a Phillips head screwdriver. (TIP: you can purchase additional screws and install our special thread-cutting screws on all of your Ergo-Force squeegees and buy only a few sets of Screen-Hooks!)

Stainless steel Screen-Hooks are precision laser cut from 304 stainless steel – The ends are fitted with a specially formulated black vinyl cap that protects your mesh and is resistant to ink and chemicals.  

Screen-Hooks are super easy to install and can be removed and re-installed quickly! The screws do NOT need to be removed to un-install the Screen Hooks. Simply loosen each screw a quarter turn and the Screen Hooks can be removed.

Try them...You will love them!



Starter kit: 2 screen hooks with 4 stainless steel screws screws

Bulk pack: 10 sets with 40 stainless steel screws.

Extra Screws: Packs of 4 screws may be purchased separately.

Screen hooks are also available in 3D-printed ABS plastic.


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Made in the USA by Ink Innovations