Spot on Spacer 10"

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The Spot-On-Spacer is a multi-purpose aluminum extrusion with a variety of uses and applications.

When used with our Super-Low-Profile Pallet Bracket, the Spot-On-Spacer extrusion allows pallets to be quickly and easily adjusted so that they are centered and square to one another. – This revolutionary feature is where the Spot-On Pallet System gets its name…For the first time ever, pallets can be centered and squared precisely to one another. If your pallets don’t line up with one another, this is the solution for you.


More great features and uses:

1. The Spot-On-Spacer allows you to use custom aluminum pallets that are compatible with our Low Profile Pallet Bracket.  Installation onto an aluminum pallet is very easy. Simply degrease the bottoms of the aluminum pallet and spacer with Acetone, install 3M high-temperature double-sided tape (sold separately) to the spacer then install the spacer to the center of the pallet.  Done!

2. The slots on the top of the extrusion allow the use of our modular mini pallets. Please see the wide selection of mini pallets available under our Quick-Flip Pallet product line.

3. Build Table-Top Squeegee Racks! Yes, this is the same extrusion used in our modular Table-Top Squeegee rack. 

Custom Sizes: The aluminum extrusion may be purchased separately in custom lengths Fron 2" to 48" for $1.00 per inch. - Please note that hardware is not included with custom sizes, however, there is no charge for set up or custom cutting.

Items included with 10" Spot-On Spacer kit:

1- 10" extruded aluminum spacer

4 - 5/16" bolts

4 - 5/16" nuts

8 - 5/16" washers