Quick Flip Pallet System

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The Quick-Flip pallet bracket system is a revolutionary new concept that uses interchangeable mini pallets in combination with an extruded aluminum bracket to provide unlimited versatility for printing a wide range of products.  Our extruded aluminum QF-Bracket can be attached to your standard adult pallet and then a variety of modular mini stainless steel pallets can be installed onto the QF-Bracket.

Our Bracket can be mounted on the top or side of your existing standard adult pallets. Our exclusive stainless steel mini-pallets are attached to the QF Bracket using your choice of the seven channels in the QF Bracket. (seven channels provide additional flexibility for alignment during set up)

What makes this system so amazing is that our mini-pallets can be easily removed, spun, and reattached to the QF Bracket at 90 degrees, 180 degrees, or 270 degrees. This provides tremendous versatility.

Currently, there are 17 different stainless steel pallets available for our system (not all are listed on our website). Many more pallets are due to arrive such as umbrella pallets, cozies pallets, and shorts/butt print pallets.

Center-line feature on pallets: All of our pallets have a small “V” laser cut into the center of the top and bottom of the pallets. This provides a way to easily find the exact center of the pallet without measuring!


Quick-Flip Bracket - The anodized aluminum Quick-Flip Bracket can be attached to any shirt-board/pallet up to 1-1/8" thick by tightening the two knobs to secure the bracket from the underside. The QF Bracket is very easy to re-position (simply loosen the knobs and slide to a different location around the perimeter of your shirt board).

The Quick-Flip Bracket and Mini Pallet system is a modular system designed to provide a wide range of versatility.  As an example, two QF brackets can be used on a shirt board along with our larger-sized mini pallets (not shown) for situations such as printing a zipper hoodie, button-up shirts or golf shirts where a recessed gap between two pallets is required. Many more pallets will be added to this system and we are developing numerous attachments and gizmos for this product line that will further increase the functionality. The QF Bracket is constructed of anodized aluminum and is Made in the USA.

Check out the "Quick-Flip" action here:



Stainless Steel Mini Pallets: Our mini pallets are made of stainless steel. The modular design of the pallets utilizes a standard screw hole spacing which allows a multitude of possible setup combinations when used with our Quick Flip bracket.  Our mini pallets are also compatible with our 1/2" aluminum SPACER which is part of our "Spot-On Pallet System”.  Quick-Flip products and Spot-On products are all interchangeable and have been designed to work together.

QUICK-FLIP Pallet Bracket Starter Kit with six "stainless steel" mini-pallets.  This kit includes 6 mini-pallets with 9 different pallet widths (3 pallets are double-sided combo pallets) that will allow you to print pockets, shorts sleeves, and just about anything imaginable between the sizes of 1” wide and 4.5” wide. - The pallet widths included with the kit are 1”, 1.25”, 1.5”, 1.75”, 2.0”, 2.5”, 3.0” (small pocket), 3.5” (standard pocket), and 4.5” (short sleeves).  (see below for a more detailed description of the sizes of the pallets) 


View the color brochure here:




The following ITEMS are included with the QF-Starter Kit:

(1) Quick-Flip Pallet Bracket w/knobs

(1) Combo pallet - 1” with 1.25”

(1) Combo pallet - 1.5” with 1.75”

(1) Combo pallet - 2” with 2.5”

(1) 3” mini pallet (small pocket)

(1) 3.5” mini pallet (standard pocket)

(1) 4.5” mini pallet (short sleeves)

(2) Stainless steel "Spacers"

(8) Screws

(8) Nuts



Made in the USA by Ink Innovations