Polar Bear Blade - 64A Squeegee Blade

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Our world-famous 64A squeegee blade is back by popular demand however to mix things up a little we changed the color from purple to  Polar Bear WHITE 


Polar Bear Blade is specifically designed for our Ergo-Force and Fist-Force squeegee handles, however, this ultra-premium 64A blade will work great in all manual and automatic squeegee holders.


Our proprietary process yields a blade that is incredibly flat (not curled up like a rocking chair like other blades). 


The blade is precut to perfectly fit into your  Ergo-Force and Fist-Force squeegee handles.


Made in the USA from domestically sourced premium-grade raw materials.


Items included:

1 - Squeegee blade at the selected length



Made in the USA by Ink Innovations