Mini Squeegee Rack - Holds 6 squeegees

Mini Squeegee Rack - Holds 6 squeegees

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Our Mini  Table-Top Squeegee-Rack is very convenient due to its small size.  There is always an open spot near your press for this little squeegee rack!

Its small size makes it very easy to move.  This is a handy way to keep a set of squeegees together for a particular job.  (Also great for keeping your 4 color process squeegees together). 

Our mini squeegee rack is very easy to pick up and relocate even when full of squeegees. Bring as many as 6 squeegees to your press rather than one or two at a time.

Includes instructions and a cardboard spacing tool for fast accurate placement of the pegs without having to measure.  -- Comes partially assembled; The only tool needed is a Phillips head screwdriver.

TIP: Our tabletop squeegee racks are great for drying and storing your scoop coaters!


Items included:

1 - Alumnimum extrusion (rack) with preinstalled legs

14 - adjustable pegs 

1 - cardboard spacing tool for "pegs" 

1 - Instructions


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Made in the USA by Ink Innovations