Mini Pallets - Stainless steel

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Mini Pallets by Ink Innovations are made from precision laser-cut 304 stainless steel.

The modular design of our pallets utilizes a standard screw hole spacing which allows a multitude of possible setup combinations when used with our Quick Flip bracket.

Stainless steel mini pallets can also be screwed into a piece of wood (or into a wooden pallet). Wood screws are included when individual pallets are purchased.

Mini pallets are also compatible with our 1/2" Aluminum SPACER which is part of our "Spot-On Pallet System”.  Because this is a modular system, Quick-Flip products, and Spot-On products are interchangeable and are designed to work together.

Center-line feature on pallets: All of our pallets have a small “V” laser cut into the center of the top and bottom of the pallets. This provides a way to easily find the exact center of the pallet without measuring it.

Use two pallets for printing zipper hoodies: Two of our 6", 7" or 8" sized mini pallets can be set up on each side of your pallet with a space in between for printing a zipper hoodie, button-up shirts, or golf shirts where a recessed gap between two pallets is required.

Many more pallets are being developed such as umbrella pallets, cozies pallets, and shorts/butt print pallets.


Items included (individual pallets):

1 - Pallet of chosen size and hardware (for the number of holes in the pallet)

NOTE: Hardware will include machine screws, nuts, and wood screws



Items included with the QF-Starter Kit:

(1) Quick-Flip Pallet Bracket w/knobs

(1) Combo pallet - 1” and 1.25”

(1) Combo pallet - 1.5” and 1.75”

(1) Combo pallet - 2” and 2.5”

(1) 3” mini pallet (small pockets)

(1) 3.5” mini pallet (standard pockets)

(1) 4.5” mini pallet (short sleeves)

(2) Stainless steel "Spacers/reinforcers"

(8) Machine Screws

(8) Nuts



Made in the USA by Ink Innovations