Low Profile Pallet Bracket (for Hopkins/Workhorse presses)

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Low Profile Pallet Bracket for Workhorse/Hopkins/CAPS style presses - Retrofit your pallets today!

Our pallet bracket kit contains everything you will need to quickly and easily retrofit your pallets. Our bracket is very easy to install.  This revolutionary pallet bracket can be used with knobs for everyday use or without knobs.  The knobs can be quickly removed and replaced with a large diameter set-screw to provide a super low-profile "snag-free"  bracket. Great for printing small kid’s shirts and skinny girlie shirts.

In the super-low-profile bracket configuration (without knobs), specially designed set screws are used in place of the knobs. Using the flush-mounted set screws allows shirts to be loaded without getting caught on the knobs and prevents shirts from being stretched out over the knob causing distortion in the final print once removed as well as making it difficult and slow to load and unload shirts. 

Our Low-Profile Pallet Bracket is a dream to use and easy to install/retrofit. 

The bracket has standard holes for mounting to your existing pallets but also contains special CNC slots for use with our modular pallet system which provide future versatility (see our Quick-Flip pallet and spot-on spacer for more information).

This bracket is designed to fit press arms measuring 2.5"w x 1.5"H (the size used on Hopkins, Workhorse, CAPS, etc.).


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The following items are included:

(1) Anodized aluminum Pallet Bracket - (super-low-profile bracket) 

(2) Interchangeable knobs - One large (bottom knob), 1 small (side knob) 

(3) Alloy steel set screws: 1 @1/2”, 1@ 5/8" & 1 @ 3/4”

(1) Made in USA 1/4" Allen wrench 

(1) Drill bit for making pilot holes

(5) Pan-head wood screws (4 for installation and 1 extra)

(5) Washers (4 for installation and 1 extra)


Made in the USA by Ink Innovations