Emulsion Buddy

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The Emulsion-Buddy from Ink Innovations is a “Do-Everything” tool for your darkroom. 

This must-have device will pry off a stuck-on lid quickly and easily, then flip it around to perfectly mix your emulsion (or ink).

The bottom edge of the tool is designed to reach into the corners of the bucket and is flat so that you can get the emulsion on the bottom of the bucket which allows you to use every bit of that expensive photo emulsion!

And when you’re finished coating your screens you can seal the emulsion lid tight with a few quick wacks from your Emulsion Buddy.


The Emulsion Buddy is a heavy-duty tool made from precision laser-cut, heavyweight 304 stainless steel. designed and built specifically for screen printers. 


From start to finish, the Emulsion-Buddy does it all!


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Items included:

1 - Emulsion Buddy Tool (packaged in a heat-sealed poly bag)


Made in the USA by Ink Innovations.