SIDE HOOKS for Fist Force Squeegees

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Side-Hooks for Fist-Force Squeegees - Stainless Steel

Add more versatility to your Fist-Force Squeegees with Side Hooks by Ink Innovations. 


Side-Hooks do three things:

1) Allow your FF-Squeegee to hook to the top of the screen frame.

2) Prevent the handle from falling into the ink in your screen frame.

3) Allow your FF-Squeegee to be permanently stored with the blade up on any flat surface.


Side-Hooks are similar in function to our T-rrific T-hooks and Screen-Hooks however, Side-Hooks have been specially designed for Fist-Force Squeegees.  For a full description of all of the benefits and features check out the description in "Screen Hooks". 


Side Hooks can be used with any size Fist Force Squeegee but they were developed primarily for Fist Force Squeegees longer than 10". For FF squeegees less than 10", we recommend Screen-Catches.



Starter kit: 2 stainless steel Side-Hooks with 2 stainless steel screws 

Bulk pack: 20 stainless steel Side-Hooks with 20 stainless steel screws.

Extra Screws: 10 Pack of stainless steel screws for FF Side Hooks. (will accommodate 5 squeegees)



Made in the USA by Ink Innovations