Ink-Master Flood Bar (for ANATOL style machines)

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Available in 16" for ANATOL machines  - (not for use on M&R style machines)

This is a heavily modified Ink Master Flood Bar that has been designed to work with  Anatol presses.  The wing tips have been specially designed to allow the flood bar to be excessively tilted on Anatol machines to reduce the distance between the squeegee and the flood bar, providing a longer stroke length.

The top has been CNC machined to provide a perfect fit into Anatol clamps.


Five reasons why you should use an Ink-Master Flood Bar:

1. The Ink-Master-2 will flood more ink into the open mesh of your screen, resulting in more opaque prints. Due to the greater volume of ink being flooded, many jobs that would normally require a double print stroke can be accomplished with a single print stroke, which reduces printing time thereby increasing your throughput (and profits). 

2. The Ink-Master Flood Bar features the industry’s first, fully adjustable stainless steel wingtips. Our innovative wing-tip design virtually eliminates the need to “Card” ink back into the screen, saving you time and eliminating the chance of the screen running dry of ink and ruining a pile of shirts. Never run dry again! Now you can focus on loading and unloading rather than carding ink.

3. The Ink-Master-2 can be used with or without wingtips. The Wing-Tips can be removed in less than 10 seconds with only a Phillips head screwdriver. 

4. The Ink-Master Flood-Bar is ergonomically designed and features a “No-Tip-Over” design…How many times have your flood bars fallen over like dominos? Never again with the Ink Master!

5. Super rugged design. - Built to last.  - Very easy to clean.


Kit includes:

1 - Ink Master version 2 flood bar (for ANATOL) with stainless steel screws installed into threaded holes.

2 - Stainless steel wing tip end caps specially designed for ANATOL presses.

1 - Instruction sheet.

** Each Ink Master 2 flood bar is packaged in a box. 

 This item is NOT for M&R Style machines



Made in the USA by Ink Innovations