Ink-Master Flood Bar - BASIC version (for M&R style machines)

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INK-MASTER FLOOD-BAR  BASIC version -- (New & Improved)

Available in 16" ONLY - (NOT for use with Anatol machines)

If you are looking for a reasonably priced  "Basic" flood bar for your M&R style machine, (WITHOUT Wing-Tips), then this is a great option. 

The BASIC Series Ink-Master flood bar comes with notches machined into the top (for pneumatic clamps) but does NOT come with wing tips, or the predrilled holes for wing tips.  - This is just a basic, "Plain Jane" flood bar.


Kit includes:

1 - Ink Master flood bar with notches on top (for M&R style machines)

1 - Instruction sheet.

* Ink Master flood bars are heat-sealed in a poly bag and packaged in a box.



Made in the USA by Ink Innovations