Fist-Force BACK component ONLY (4", 5", 6", 8" ,10" and 13")

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This item is the Fist Force  BACK COMPONENT ONLY.  (Used to build custom squeegees.)

With the Fist-Force modular squeegee system, you can purchase whatever individual Fist-Force components you need and build whatever squeegee you can imagine!! 

Build extra long Fist Force squeegees by using one of our FRONT Fist-Force extrusions and then add "BACK" components from your existing collection or by purchasing  "BACK" components from Ink Innovations. 


Chose which Version BACK you want - The "S" (short) or the "L" (long)

The "S" BACK- Short back.  The back squeegee clamp is the same length as the front clamp (just like a wooden squeegee). Made for those that like a blade that bends like a wooden squeegee.

The "L" BACK - Long Back (extended length back) which has a longer back


How it works:

It is very easy and fast to reconfigure Fist-Force Squeeges into custom-length squeegees.

Example 1:  Purchase a 17" FRONT extrusion and use a 13" BACK and a 4" BACK to make a custom 17" Fist Force.

Example 2:  Purchase a 16" FRONT extrusion and use a 10" and a 6" BACK to make a custom 16" Fist Force. (or use two 8" BACKS...or even two 6" and one 4")

Example 3:  Purchase a 14" FRONT extrusion and use a 10" and a 4" BACK to make a custom 14" Fist Force. (or an 8" BACK and a 6"BACK)

clamp just like our Ergo-Force Squeegee.  This Longer/extended back clamp stiffens the blade and allows softer blades to be used without having to purchase triple durometer blades.


  Sizes 4", 5", 6", 8" and 10" BACK (includes back piece ONLY)


** Custom sizes available upon request **



Item included:

1 - BACK Component extrusion (Clear Anodize aluminum) with predrilled countersunk holes. (Back piece only). Used to build custom squeegees.




Designed and manufactured in the USA by Ink Innovations