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Try out a mix of our most popular products along with 48" of "A-SELECT" Squeegee handles and SAVE BIG!

These Value Packs also receive FREE shipping to anywhere in the USA and its territories! 

The list price for items included is over $135 plus you will save $15-$20 in freight charges!  Take advantage while supplies last!


Four Kits are available:

13-inch Value Pack: which contains 4@13" handles - plus all other items. 

12-inch Value Pack: which contains 4@12" handles - plus all other items. 

12"/13" combo Value Pack: which contains 2@12" and 2@13"- plus all other items. 

12"/ 6" combo Value Pack: which contains 2@12" and 4@6"- plus all other items. 


Items Included:

The "A-SELECT"  Ergo-Force Squeegee Handles (with hardware) listed above.

300 - Ultimate-Clean-Up-Cards packed in our easy dispense box.

2 - Silver-Mixing-Sticks

4 - Hex Helpers (for use with Silver-Mixing-Stick)

1 - Set of ABS Plastic Screen-Hooks (with instructions and hardware)

1 - Set of Stainless Steel Screen-Hooks (with instructions and hardware)

Note:  Squeegee hardware is  packed with instructions, 2 pieces of mini sandpaper,  4 extra nuts, and 4 extra screws. (20 total screws and 20 total nuts)



Q: What is an "A-SELECT" Ergo-Force Squeegee Handle?

A: On a recent batch of Ergo-Force Squeegee aluminum, one of the two extrusions (the BACK half with the holes), had a minor cosmetic issue with the anodizing. The aluminum was absolutely perfect in every way (other than the slight discoloration) and we had some extra manpower our CNC milling machine was available so rather than scraping the aluminum we decided to cut it into some of our most popular sizes and process the parts! -- Now we are offering these handles in this limited edition "Variety Pack" at a discount!

The anodizing issue is 100% cosmetic and will not affect the performance in any way.  The "GRIP" half (the front half) is flawless A-stock material with no cosmetic issues.  Other than a very slight, nearly unnoticeable discoloration on the back piece, the handles are genuine A-Stock products and perfect in every respect.  


Save Big with one of these great Value Packs!



Made in the USA by Ink Innovations