1/8" Shim/Spacer for manual presses - 5 pack

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The purpose of a Print Head Shim/Spacer is to provide an easy way to change your off-contact without making time-consuming adjustments to the print head. 

With our 1/8" Print Head Shims/Spacers, simply add as many shims as needed and you are good to go! -- Need 1/4"...add two shims... Need 1/2", add 4 shims.

This is a complimentary product to our Quick-Flip Bracket and Mini Pallet system. Five (5) Shims/Spacers provide the perfect off-contact when using our Quip Flip Bracket system.

Made from anodized aluminum. Each spacer is CNC engraved.


Items included:

(5) - 1/8" thick  x 12-3/4" long engraved aluminum spacers

* Packaged in a heat-sealed polybag* 



Made in the USA by Ink Innovations