Squeegee-Prop - A versatile squeegee storage device

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A Squeegee Prop is an all-new concept, unlike anything that has come before.  This is a product you didn't know you needed until you've tried it... and then you won't know how you lived without it!

What is a Squeege-Prop?  A Squeegee Prop provides 3 very helpful tasks:

1. Stores Squeegees "in the screen" when printing: A Squeege-Prop lets you conveniently store your squeegee "in your screen" between prints.  You can position it wherever is most ergonomic.  

2. Functions as a mini Squeegee Rack: Screen-Props can be used as a "single squeegee" squeegee rack. Squeegees are stored in the Squeegee-Prop with the blade facing UP. Very handy for ink-covered squeegees. Safely store squeegees on any nearby flat surface.

3. Use as an INK DAMB: Use our 16" Squeegee-Prop as an INK DAMB, while also providing a convenient place to store your squeegee between prints.  The INK DAMB feature allows you to block off a section of your screen with only a single piece of tape. Couldn't be easier! - This is a fast and economical way to mask off half of your screen. 

  • Squeegee Props secure quickly to your screen with a single piece of 3" tape.
  • Clean-up is fast! Ultimate Clean-up cards "click into place to prevent ink from getting onto the S-Prop (see video). When you are finished with the print job, simply remove the clean-up-cards and discard them.


VIDEO LINK: Watch this video for a better understanding!



Items included with the 6" version:

1 - 6"  extruded aluminum Squeegee-Prop

5 - 3.5" x 8.25" protective disposable ink cards


Items included with the 16" version:

1 - 16"  extruded alumnimum Squeegee-Prop

10 - 3.5" x 8.25" protective disposable ink cards

Made in the USA by Ink Innovations