BASIC Edition - Fist-Force Manual Squeegee 4", 5", 6", 8" ,10" and 13"

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Introducing the all-new Fist-Force Manual Squeegee BASIC Model by Ink Innovations.

This is a squeegee like no other. The Fist-Force squeegee is ergonomic, easy to clean, and a dream to use.  The round handle can be repositioned by simply turning them to loosen, sliding them to the desired location, and turning them to tighten (which locks them in place.) 

The Fist-Force squeegee is made from precision EXTRUDED ALUMINUM and is built to last. 

The BASIC Model is a more cost-effective model with fewer components and one back (your choice). The Basic version is offered in two styles.

Chose which Version you want - The "S" (short) or the "L" (long)

The "S" Model - Short back.  The back squeegee clamp is the same length as the front clamp (just like a wooden squeegee). Made for those that like a blade that bends like a wooden squeegee.

The "L" Model - Long Back (extended length back) which has a longer back clamp just like our Ergo-Force Squeegee.  This Longer/extended back clamp stiffens the blade and allows softer blades to be used without having to purchase triple durometer blades.

So whether you prefer a bendy blade or a stiffened blade you are covered because we offer both!


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 Sizes 4", 5", 6", 8" and 10" include the flowing items:

1 - Primary FRONT extrusion (Clear Anodize aluminum)

1 - SHORT Back or 1 - LONG Back extrusion  (Clear Anodize aluminum)

1 - Round Aluminum Fist-Force Power-Grip handle (with preinstalled hardware)

1 - Aluminum Screen Catch

1 - piece of 600 grit mini sandpaper

1 - all needed hardware. (plus 1 extra screw and nut)


13" handles include the flowing items:

 1 - Primary FRONT extrusion (Clear Anodize aluminum)

1 - SHORT Back or 1 - LONG Back extrusion  (Clear Anodize aluminum)

2 - Round Aluminum Fist-Force Power-Grip handles (with preinstalled hardware)

2 -  Stainless steel Mini-Catch-Rods

1 - piece of 600 grit mini sandpaper

1 - all needed hardware. (plus 1 extra screw and nut)

NOTE: A 13" Fist-Force squeegee will accommodate squeegee blades from 12" to 14".


 Squeegee Blade for your new Fist-Force

Consider picking up one of our AMAZING Polar-Bear Squeegee Blades for your new Ergo-Force Handle;


Designed and manufactured in the USA by Ink Innovations