Ultimate Touch-Up-Tool (50 pack)

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The Ultimate Touch-Up-Tool is a handy device used to touch-up screens and to fix printing imperfections on garments.


How to use the tool: Dip-it, Dab-it, Spin-it, and Smooth-it.


1. “Dip” one of the points into liquid ink/emulsion.

2. “Dab” liquid ink/emulsion onto a T-shirt or screen.

3. “Spin” tool 45 degrees to a “flat” point.

4. “Smooth” ink or emulsion smooth.



 More detailed information for those who crave more knowledge:

Ultimate Touch-Up Tools (UTUTs) are sold in die-cut sheets with 10 UTUTs per sheet. Each pack contains 5 sheets (50 total UTUT). 

Each Touch-Up Tool has 4 points and 4 flats, which allows the tool to be used at least four times.

There is a hole at the top of each sheet to allow the sheets to be conveniently hung on a hook or nail on the wall near your production area. When you need a UTUTool simply pop one out of the sheet.  (This assures that each point and edge are always clean and fresh.)

UTUTools are simple to use... Simply dip a "POINT" into ink or emulsion, dab the ink/emulsion onto the shirt or screen, spin the tool 45 degrees to a "FLAT" and smooth the liquid ink/emulsion to the desired result.

The eight projections provide an ergonomic means to perform one-handed spinning/manipulation of the tool.  Due to this design, repairing two-color printing mistakes with the same tools is possible; Now you can repair two different colors of ink with one tool!

Each Ultimate Touch-Up-Tool has (4) "Points" and (4) "Flats", so each tool can be used on 4 different jobs/repairs. (that's 200 repairs/uses per 50 pack).  

The Ultimate Touch-Up-Tool is made from the same trusted material as our world-famous Ultimate Clean-Up-Cards.


TIP: Carefully open the protective poly plastic from the bottom and store your sheets in the plastic. If you hang them on a wall hook, poke the hook through the plastic liner to keep your UTUTs protected from dust. 


Items included:

50 - Ultimate Touch-Up-Tools (5 sheets of 10 tools)

Packed in a heat-sealed plastic bag.



Made in the USA by Ink Innovation