Hex-Helpers - pack of 50 (for use with Silver-Mixing-Stick)

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Hex Helpers are a handy and inexpensive device that will take your Silver-Mixing-Sticks to a higher level of functionality.


How to use: Fold the Hex-Helper in half and slide the tab into the adjacent slot to lock both halves together, then slide it onto your Silver-Mixing-Stick.


Features and benefits:

1. The Hex-Helper will prevent the handle of the Mixing-stick from touching the ink-covered inside of the bucket. The Hex Helper touches the ink...not the handle.

2. Hex-Helpers allow an ink-covered mixing stick to be safely propped up on a table.

3. Hex-Helpers can be positioned on the shaft of a Mixing-Stick so that when the mixing stick is inserted into a small paper cup with ink, the mixing stick will stay upright in the middle of the cup and will not topple the paper cup over.

Items included:

50 Hex Helpers - Packaged in a heavyweight heat-sealed poly bag.



Made in the USA by Ink Innovations