Ultimate Tape Dispenser by Ink Innovations

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Would you like to get your screens taped up much faster?... then you should consider trying a table-mounted tape dispenser.

If you are currently using scissors (or possibly your teeth) to cut your block-out tape, then consider using a table-mounted tape dispenser.  With a dispenser mounted to your table, you will have both hands free to measure and manipulate the tape. Tape can be pulled to the exact length consistently and applied to your screens quickly in one motion!


Accommodates 2", 2.4" and 3" tape.

Very fast and easy to load and remove rolls. 

The stainless steel saw tooth cutter is adjustable and replaceable.

Mounts to the top of a table, side of the table, or even a wall.

Drop slots allows the dispenser to be attached and removed in seconds.

Made from stainless steel and anodized aluminum extrusions.

Includes mounting screws.

Made in USA


Items included:

1 - Fully assembled taper dispenser

4 - mounting screws