Clear-View-Blue Tape *New for 2023*

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After years of testing and development, we believe that we have created the best block-out tape on the market today. We named it Clear-View-Blue block-out tape.


What makes our tape different is that Clear-View-Blue block-out tape is transparent (hence the name "Clear-View"). Having the ability to see through the tape provides many benefits which will save you time and reduce waste. (see below)


Additionally, we have introduced an innovative new standard size (2.4") which we think makes a lot more sense than 2" wide tape.  2.4" wide tape will get screens taped faster and reduce "tape overlap" which saves money.


Benefits and Features:

  • Can be torn/ripped by hand. No need for scissors, a dispenser, or a blade.
  • The transparent film allows you to spot an ink leak before it becomes a problem.
  • The transparent film provides feedback about tape overlap, reducing waste.
  • 2.4” and 3” widths get screens taped fast with fewer tape overlap seems.
  • Adhesive sticks strongly to emulsion but will release without leaving residue.
  • A transparent tape is great for registration marks on recurring jobs.
  • Made in the USA


We hope you like Clear-View-Blue Tape as much as we do!


Sold in single rolls and full case quantities.

2.4" tape has 20 rolls per case

3.0" tape has 16 rolls per case

Rolls are 36 yards long (108')



Made in the USA by Ink Innovations