Auto-Force Squeegee with adjustable stiffener for M&R and Workhorse style automatic presses

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After 5 years of development, Ink Innovations is proud to announce the release of the Ultimate Auto-Force Squeegee, designed for M&R style and Workhorse style presses using a 1" square bar mounting system. (The Anatol version is coming soon). 

The Auto-Force Squeegee is improved over traditional squeegee holders in every possible way, however, what sets the Auto-Fortce squeegee holder apart from everything else is the adjustable (and removable) rear "Deflection Extension".  Now you can quickly and easily adjust the stiffness of your blade, creating the optimum "angle of attack" even with soft, single durometer blades!

Simply loosen two "Big Head" screws with a Phillips head screwdriver, slide the rear stiffener to the desired location, tighten the two screws and you are done! Couldn't be easier!

The Ultimate Auto-Force Squeegee has been thoughtfully designed with the user experience in mind. Handling the Auto-Force Squeegee is an absolute joy and it is very easy to clean.

The groundbreaking design has the following helpful features:

  • Adjustable "deflection extension".
  • Easy to hold, carry and maneuver.
  • Faster machine set-ups and breakdowns.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Fast and easy blade changes.

Items included:

1- Rear clamping component aluminum extrusion (the main piece with the holes)

1 - Front clamping component aluminum extrusion (front clamp component)

1 - Rear "Deflection Extension" aluminum extrusion (adjustable stiffener)

5 - Countersunk 1/4 screws 

5 - 1/4" nuts

2 - stainless steel, Big-Head screws with nuts (for Deflection Extension)

Bonus items:  one extra 1/4" screw and one extra 1/4" nut as spares.


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Made in the USA by Ink Innovations