Ink-Master Flood Bar - DELUXE version (for M&R/Workhorse style machines)

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INK-MASTER FLOOD-BAR  DELUX EDITION - (New & Improved Version 2)

Available in 16" and 18" - (NOT for use with Anatol machines)

Are you still using flood bars that were designed in the 1980s? The Ink-Master-2 Flood-Bar is a clean sheet of paper "re-think", that solves all of the problems of your outdated flood bars on M&R style printing presses.

Here are six (6) reasons why you should use an Ink-Master Flood Bar:

1. Floods more ink: The Ink-Master-2 floods more ink into the open mesh of your screen, resulting in more opaque prints. Due to the greater volume of ink being flooded, many jobs that would normally require a double print stroke can be accomplished with a single print stroke, which reduces printing time thereby increasing your throughput (and profits). The cost of the flood bar can usually be recouped in just a few days of use.

2. Reduces "carding" ink:  Never run dry again! Now you can focus on loading and unloading rather than carding ink. The Ink-Master Flood Bar features the industry’s first, fully adjustable stainless steel wingtips. Our innovative wing-tip design virtually eliminates the need to “Card” ink back into the screen, saving you time and eliminating the chance of the screen running dry of ink and ruining a pile of shirts. 

3. No machine adjustments required: The Ink-Master-2 Flood-Bar is the industry’s first ”Plug and Play” flood bar design which allows it to be installed onto your press without having to adjust the pressure or angle adjustments. This greatly simplifies installation onto your automatic press...Just pop out your standard flood bar, put in the Ink-Master, and start printing!

4. Use with or without wing tips: The Ink-Master-2 can be used with or without wing tips. The Wing-Tips can be removed in less than 10 seconds with only a Phillips head screwdriver. 

5. User-friendly and Ergonomic: The Ink-Master Flood-Bar features a “No-Tip-Over” design…How many times have your flood bars fallen over like dominos? Never again with the Ink Master! - Additionally, the Ink Master is very balanced and is easy to hold and carry.  Easy Cleaning: The surfaces of the flood bar are flat and at angles that allow faster easier cleaning.

6. Made from anodized aluminum and stainless steel:  Super rugged design - Built to last.  Meticulously CNC machined and hand-finished. Made in USA


Improvements over the original Ink Master include lighter weight, better balance, easier to grip and hold, and completely sealed extrusion with no open channels to collect ink.  

Fits 1" square bar style presses such as M&R and Workhorse. (not for use with Anatol machines)


** CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE. - Please call for pricing and turnaround times


View the high-resolution color brochure here:


Kit includes:

1 - Ink Master version 2 flood bar with stainless steel screws pre-installed into tapped threaded holes

2 - Stainless steel wing tip end caps.

1 - Instruction sheet.

Each Ink Master 2 Flood Bar is packaged in a box.


View instructions here:



Made in the USA by Ink Innovations