Wall-Mounted Auto-Holder for Flood Bars & Squeegees

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Another great storage device for your automatic squeegees & flood bars! - Keep your squeegees and flood bars organized with this innovative, wall-mounted storage rack. 

Our Wall-Mounted Auto-Holder is constructed from 304 stainless steel and includes six EZ anchors and screws for mounting. 

The Wall-Mounted Auto-Holder allows 8 squeegees to be stored.  

Our exclusive  "Drop-N-Lock" slots enable squeegees and flood bars to effortlessly lock in place for safe storage.  Squeegees and Flood bars are just as easy to remove.


NOTE: Rack is designed for M&R/Workhorse/Anotol style squeegees and flood bars.


Tools needed for installation: A level, a pencil, and a screw gun (with a Phillips head bit).



2 - Stainless Steel Wall Brackets (one left & one right)

6 - EZ anchors

6 - Screws

1 - set of instructions

Made in the USA by Ink Innovations